It is true that in every ugly situation there are hidden treasures waiting for someone who is ready to take the risk to unleash the hidden treasures. So also things that pose greatest threats in life are always clothe in gold and very appealing apparel. I came across this illustration sometimes ago and l will like to share it on this platform. If you place a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will immediately attempt to scramble out for safety. Place the same frog in water at room temperature; do not scare it, it will stay put. But if the pot sits on a heat source, and if you gradually turn up the temperature, something very interesting will happen. As the temperature rises, initially the frog will do nothing. In fact, it will show every sign of enjoying itself. As the temperature gradually increases, the frog will begin to feel uncomfortable and getting weaker, until the frog is unable to climb out of the pot. Though there is nothing restraining the frog, it will sit there and boil, perhaps to death. Why? The frog’s internal apparatus for sensing threats to survival is geared to sudden changes in its environment; not to slow, subtle and gradual changes.

This is also applicable to man. That is how many are caught unaware in the voyage of life. What causes regrettable events in life are often embedded in pleasures so that the potential victims will hardly notice it. We become prey to destructive events when we are enjoying the pleasures life offers. Adam and Even lost eternal joy because of disobedience Genesis 3:9-19. Rueben lost all the blessings accrued to him as a first son because of some minutes of pleasure Genesis 49:3-4. What brought Samson from grace to grass was coated in his lust for strange women. King Solomon was blessed with wisdom and understanding heart in I King 3:12, his fame spread across the nations of the earth. But Solomon lost everything because he loved many foreign women as well as the daughter of Pharaoh. His heart was turned after other gods I King 11:1-4. Not everything that is appealing at first glance will give you eternal joy if you care to look beyond what you see now.



This world is not for the weak but for the strong; likewise it is not for the coward but for the bold. A coward has no place in destiny. No coward will ever succeed or achieve something significant in his or her lifetime.

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