Youths with godly virtues are the strengths of a nation; likewise youths with ungodly virtues will bring into ruin the glory of a nation if issues relating to them are not addressed at the right time. We should bear it in mind that two formidable spirits are contending for supremacy in the heart of every youth (the Spirit of God and demons from Satan). It is unfortunate that youths of today consciously or unconsciously find themselves in a very complicated circumstance, which this age poses to them. The Bible makes us understand in Psalms 11:3 that “If foundations are destroyed what the righteous can do” When a foundation is faulty; the structure on it will definitely suffer the same fate.

Goliaths of this age are more aggressive and deadly to contend with; it takes God’s mercy and grace to conquer the Goliaths. The Goliaths of youths today are: addiction to drug, addiction to sex, pornography, masturbation, ungodly fashion, homosexuality, violence, marital deception, internet fraud, lesbianism, educational challenges, and unemployment just to mention few.

The above mentioned Goliaths will not pose a threat to youths if things are in order. It shows that something must give in before something will manifest. Why the youths are becoming victims of these formidable goliaths per second. It is so because many things are becoming disappearing act in the life of youths today. One of them is fear of God. The Bible says in Proverb 9:10 that “The fear of Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding”.  It is only in God we can access wisdom that will give us absolute victory over any goliath in our pursuit in life. In Isaiah 11:2 it reads “The Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD.” Absent of personal relationship with God will put you in a tight corner. If you do not fear God you will fear what you ought not to fear (it makes the fear of unknown spring up unannounced). Personal relationship with God will give access to the heart of God, through which you will become a conqueror of your goliaths like David did.

Others factors that contribute to goliaths of youths today are nonchalant attitude of the parents to their children, which result in communication gap and also perverse society the youths find themselves. These two factors have contributed to many youths fallen victims of goliaths of this age.

However, these should not hinder us from conquering our Goliaths. If David can conquer Goliath of his time, everyone is bound to conquer his or her own Goliaths. Align with God; fear the Lord; understand His precepts; know His ways and thoughts; He will make you a conqueror.

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