Mistakes are bound to happen in as much we are still human. Blunders are inevitable in as much we are still in this flesh that carries us along. We always desire to do good at all times; we wish to always be like God, but the monster in mankind always find its way to exhibit itself thereby making mankind to commit blunders and errors over and over again. The flesh wage war against the Spirit; likewise Spirit against flesh. That is why many find themselves committing the same errors again and again.

However, what did you learn from your last blunder? The fact that you failed or lost something precious is not even the issue, not even how bad your experiences were either, but what you learned from the blunders or errors you committed so that it will not recur again.

The greatest lessons are learnt from our mistakes. But you must first admit your failure, mistakes, fall or sin. Do not ever shift blame to others; take responsibility for the consequences of your actions. Then evaluate your losses, mistakes or errors and you will definitely see where you have missed it. It is obvious life entangles with mistakes; but a life full of mistakes is a ruined life, condemned to eternal pains and agonies if the victim learn no lesson from it.

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