Show me a man that will not first sit down and count his cost before embarking on a project; lest it becomes an abandoned project. Show me a man that will embark on a journey without knowing his destination; lest he wastes his precious time on a route to no destination. Great disasters are inevitable for a man who leaps before he thinks. Persistence sweating signifies lack of wisdom. Recurring blunders on man’s pursuit means such person has not learn lessons from his past encounters.

Success in life’s endeavours goes beyond physical strength and energy. It goes beyond physique. It takes well calculated vision, determination, persistence, focus coupled with patience to succeed in life. Sweating without good result is an evidence of lack of wisdom. When the cutting edge of an axe is blunt, it takes much effort, energy, strength and time to cut down a tree. Similarly, when a life lacks wisdom, fruitless labour is inevitable.

There is a persistence need for the sharpening of an axe in order to make the cutting down of a tree consuming less energy, strength and time. Similarly there is need to sharpen our minds to bring out the best out of us with less energy, strength and time. There is need to review every path of our step in order to ensure that we are still on cause.

It is wisdom to know all it takes to succeed in life; but a foolish man never considers the path of a successful man. That is why many have consumed their energy and strength on fruitless labour. It is far better to use your precious time preparing for a task in order to have detailed information on a specific approach to be adopted than to waste precious time in handling a task without a pre-knowledge of challenges you will encounter.

Life may be so complicated, but each phase of life requires a specific approach in order to make the journey less stressful. It requires being well informed to avoid waste of time, strength and energy. It requires courteous planning in order to have good success. All these are embedded in wisdom; without wisdom a miserable life is inevitable.

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