Life can put your back on ground; it can make you fall over and over again. But the good news is that despite your fall, you can still get up again. Every situation that looks hopeless, if you look through, there is hope in it. What could be more hopeless than death or a tree that is cut down? But the Bible says in Job 14:7, “For there is hope for a tree, if it is cut down, that it will sprout again, and that its tender shoots will not cease.”

Sometimes, man experiences a fall. The mistakes of you and l may have led us to reproach and demotion. Our errors, mistakes and shortcomings reveal man’s inadequacies. In a moment like this, have you ever felt like you are the only one in the world passing through such ordeal? Such feelings come from inability to see through to the end of the tunnel. Such emotional captivity comes from momentary loss of “FAITH” in God, coupled with ignorance of God’s word.
You are the key factor of your future. You are the only one that can determine whether you will get up or stay down. Prodigal son in the Bible rescued his situation through his wise decision to return back home despite his extravagant lifestyle in the past. If he was hopeless about his himself, his situation would have been hopeless forever. It does not matter where the circumstances of life have kept you. What matter is your perception about life. Have an inner picture of coming out of it, recovering from it. Get up and re-launch yourself back into greatness. Remember, without inner fortitude, it is difficult to reach the championship podium of life. Revive your hope again.

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